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Buying Facebook like is wrong and can damage your business! 

Let’s write it big and bold: Buying Facebook like is wrong and can damage your business! 

Targeting users’ specific interests, building custom audiences, and Facebook ad placement were among the top tips we delivered. Now in 2018, we decided to take another look at these strategies.

Facebook’s new algorithm allows them to quickly determine real v. inactive followers. In addition, there is also no way to filter out your fake fans, so when you run your ad, you could waste a lot of money targeting people that don’t exist.

1. Target a combination of user interests

Instead of targeting anyone who has any of the interests you noted in your campaign, you can now specifically target those users that have all interests listed (i.e., apply an AND logic instead of an OR one).

Targeting a cross section can allow you to capture otherwise disparate audiences that share a common interest, expanding the possibilities for who could potentially like your page.

Here, although Nike and Adidas are both global companies that offer athletic apparel, Adidas is German-based and historically has had less success in U.S. markets, while Nike has dominated North America for some time. Targeting the intersection of these two interests could capture reactions from both U.S. and European audiences in your campaign, increasing your Likes overall.

2. Build A Customers’ Lookalike Audience

While Custom Audiences (uploading customer emails or phone numbers, website visitors, or mobile app users to Facebook, then targeting them specifically with ads) is an effective campaign tool, the strategy has a low reach. It’s difficult to find new users via Custom Audiences since you’re starting with people who are already engage

A Lookalike audience has enormous potential for generating Likes from a population of users you have yet to tap into

3. Increase your relevance score by empowering your followers

Facebook wants Newsfeed content to not only be of good quality but also highly relevant to viewers. You have a strong opportunity to increase your relevance score and generate a slew of Likes if your content is evocative and valuable for your target audience.

Relevance score is one of Facebook’s ad reporting metrics, based on feedback it expects the ad to elicit from its target audience. The score is 1-10, with 1 (lowest) meaning Facebook expects people will hide or report the ad and 10 (highest) conveying that viewers should interact positively via clicks, conversions, etc.

Donate Life America’s post below is a great example of how to solidify your position in your followers’ feeds by empowering them

How To Get More Facebook Page Likes in 2018

1. Incorporate effective Videos

Adding video ads to your campaigns is proven to improve performance. For example, the combination of a video + static image has the power to increase conversions by 1.3X. (Remember: it’s not just about the number of Likes but how they translate into real growth for your business!)


2. Pose a question in your Ad

Research shows that interactive content is 81% more likely to catch a viewer’s eye than a passive post. That’s why 53% of marketers aim for quizzes, polls, competitions, and more — and this figure is expected to rise.

Posing a question in your ad is a great way to pique your followers’ curiosity as Zumper does below:

Questions and other interactive ad content have benefits beyond generating Likes, including spurring repeat visits to a single post and enhancing your company’s credibility by bringing a deeper, more intelligent element to your work.

3. Write catchy headlines

Effective ad copy is challenging to write. But if you can figure out how to do it well, you can gain an edge over your competitors—and increase your number of Likes.

Start with your headline.

On average, 5x as many people read a post’s headline as the full text. If you can publish headlines that catch your followers’ attention in their cluttered feeds, you are well on your way to more Likes!

Food52 uses a great tactic, the shortcut listicle, to generate a buzz:

Several other tactics exist for helping you engage your audience with excellent headlines:

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